Tell us how, why and when Yallingup Organics was formed...

Yallingup Organics online shop was launched in November 2014, but, there was a 8 month trial period prior to that whereby I utilized friends and family as customers and we ordered as a group, distributed orders around town and got a feel for what people were after. WHY I started Yallingup Organics? Ha, well, I was a new mum and looking for a bit of part time work and preferably from home. I LOVE making raw desserts and decided I wanted to supply some locally. It didn’t take long to work out the more of a product I bought, the cheaper it became, so really, I was trying to find people to group order with so as my prices would become cheaper. However, the production side of things has completely taken a backseat as I concentrate now on supplying whole foods both organic and conventional to South West locals. 


My motivation was also a bit of irritation at the cost of wholefoods in specialised stores. I think it’s a bummer that organic foods cost so much more than conventional food and I hope by having an online store, that orders monthly, to reduce over head costs, I may keep prices as low as feasible.


Yallingup Organics now packages its own nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruit, flour and raw products which are being stocked at Merchant and Maker in Dunsborough and we are in negotiations with other stores.


What do you supply? 

Nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, dried fruit, flour, rice, coconut products, general pantry items and specialized raw cooking products as well. I also stock packged products such as popcorn, chocolate, maple syrup, vanilla essence, corn chips and much more.


Are all the products sourced from south west suppliers/producers? 

Certainly where I can, I shop locally, such as I stock Conscious Craves Kale Chips and Grawnola and I buy my goats milk direct from Caprino Farm. In fact, I wasn’t allowed to purchase milk from them until I’d been to the dairy and met all the goats! In reality though, most products come from the East coast of Australia- the almonds, flour and grains. And I do buy overseas products as well as Australia doesn’t produce everything! Gotta get the organic Maple Syrup straight from Canada if you know what I mean?


What's your BIGgest seller? 

Almonds- and it’s been such a ride with these little nutty buggas! The price of almonds has increased dramatically in the past 12 months. Customers used to be able to buy them from Yallingup Organics for about $15/kilo, but now, they sit at about $26/kilo. Overnight, they jumped 30% in price- that’s because Australia simply ran out of the almonds (due to increase in raw foodism and the Paleo diet) and California , the other biggest supplier, is facing its third year of drought so there is a massive shortage of almonds world wide. Plus with the falling Australian dollar, this humble nut, has surpassed everyones expectations in price variations! Let’s pray for a break in the drought and an excellent harvest next season!


How can we get our hands on your goodies?

Just go online to www.yallinguporganics.com.au or check out our Face Book page or follow us in InstaGram. Orders are monthly, closing the first Friday of each month with pickup/delivery the following weekend. Dates are on the website. All the foods we supply have a long shelf life, and we reward bulk purchasing. A small discount applies to when you purchase items over 1 kilogram, but certainly we cater to smaller orders too. By reducing orders to once per month, means we can reduce overheads and keep prices at the lowest price possible.


Favourite thing about running Yallingup Organics?

Sharing recipes on my blog and face book page and getting to experiment with new recipes using all my products. I just love the sharing of recipes and ideas that comes from my customers and finding people with a keen interest in making foods minus processed sugar and preservatives.


Favourite thing to make with your products?

It would have to be my raw, processed sugar free caramel slice. It just brings such joy to my friends who get to share it with me. Such a naughty treat, but its ok to have once in a while!




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