Raising the Barre 

Now that the COVID restrictions have lifted, Wellgevity’s private group classes are up and running.  We offer Yoga, Barre & Pilates Classes for locals and holiday-makers.  These are perfect for healthy weekends with friends or family, special functions such as birthdays, hens and weddings.  Classes can be themed to suit the occasion and with 7 instructors to choose from, add-on packages are also available to make the day even more special.  

Wellgevity was awarded a grant from the City of Busselton to develop an online prenatal program for the women in our region. Due to COVID, pregnant women can feel isolated during this time. They are at a higher risk, due to having a weaker immune system (so self isolating), they are also not having the opportunity for physical interactions including meetings with their Obstetricians and other prenatal specialists.   Exercise helps to improve the immune system, is a great way to destress and strengthen key muscles groups required for pregnancy.  The program will have a selection of Pilates, Barre & stretching videos and guides to choose from. We are also working alongside other prenatal health professions to provide a full holistic approach to wellness during pregnancy. We are teaming up with Obstetricians, Mid-wives, Women's Health Specialists, as well as other complimentary health specialists.  


A free trial program will be launching soon. 

For more information contact:

Director - Rebecca Dewar

m: 0417 170 075   |   e: rebecca@wellgevity.com.au   | w: www.wellgevity.com.au

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