Originally from Perth, I lived in Broome for a few years and have now been living in Dunsborough for almost 7 years with my husband and 3 boys. 


What is your earliest memory of being moved by art: As a small child reading my collection of Golden Books. I absolutely loved the whimsical, fairytale illustrations and would become lost and absorbed in them for hours. I think they prompted me to pick up a pencil and sketch faces from a young age. 


Who or what inspires you to draw or paint? My interactions and conversations with patients and friends will often inspire me. Discussion and philosophizing! I love to philosophize about the psychology of human interactions and personal insights. I will often later have a thought around what we talked about and feel an overwhelming urge to express it succinctly through paint. There will usually be a three to five word painting title that will come to mind and then I go and express it. Also, moving my body (yoga), meditating and being in nature will often open up the conduit to spirit and allow expression to come forth. If I am ever blocked artistically, I just do some stretching and get back into my body. Sometimes, I feel that my ancestors do some nudging and prod me to pick up the paintbrush and share a thought for the good of humanity. Finally, my own seeking and desire for self-transformation will inspire me as I work through the ‘learnings’ of life…I then translate those learnings into paint. 


Describe your style in 3 words: Contemporary, expressive, soul-intuited. 


If you could meet and paint anyone in the world who would it be? 

Princess Diana. She had an impact on me when I was younger, as she had such emotion in her eyes and face. I would love to sit and study, absorb her spirit…who she is/was and sit with her personality, thoughts and her personal strength as a woman. 


Tell us about your Coaching & Workshops: I recently certified as a Creatively Fit Coach and now provide online Creativity Coaching as well as run Art Workshops where I help facilitate people to reconnect with the inherent creativity that they/that we all possess within, but is often shutdown or blocked. It is an opportunity for people to play and practice moving out of their left, logical mode of functioning and operating more from their right, creative and full of infinite possibilities, right brain. I love this process. It is more about freeing up and shifting how we live and function in our world. I love watching women connect with that sense of freedom and joy again. I celebrate with them. The art workshops include ‘Meet Your Artist Within ~ Art Journaling’, ‘Painting Made Easy ~ learning how to mix acrylic paint colours’, and I am in the process of offering ‘Intuitive Painting’ Workshops for Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced; as well as a few deeper, personal growth Art Workshops around self love & self care. 


How does living in the Southwest influence your work? The minute we arrived in Dunsborough, I felt the urge to be creative! I think the creative culture of the community, as well as the land, works it’s magic on your soul and spirit. This place opens you up and makes you want to explore possibility. I feel free here. One day when I have more time (my kids are older), I am looking forward to developing my skills further and painting landscapes and seascapes too. The ocean revitalizes and uplifts me. I always feel like painting after I come back from the beach…it makes me happy and being creative makes me happy. 


What’s on the easel right now? I am currently prepping 3 canvases in 3 different ways. At the moment I am fortunate enough to have my artwork on exhibit at two fantastic venues in Dunsborough ~Artezen & Clancy’s. I am so very grateful to these two businesses. Not only do they offer awesome food and beverages, with a great atmosphere, but the owners are also are very supportive of locals/artisans. They have both played an enormous part in launching and progressing my art career and I am extremely appreciative. So as pieces sell at these venues, I am creating new paintings to replace them. That’s my kind of busy! 


How can we buy your art and are you exhibiting anywhere now or soon? To collect an Original piece, you can pop into Artezen and Clancy’s and purchase direct from there, or contact me over on my Art page on Facebook. People will usually comment on a painting in the Original Artworks album and message me as well. I am also accepting commissions at the moment. My goal is to exhibit in galleries in the near future. 


I also have 2 online shops where you can buy prints, phone covers, tote bags, throw cushions and other home décor. 






Your favourite… 


Medium: Acrylic Paint 

Film/Book: Outlander (Crosstitch) by Diana Gabaldon 

Colour: I’m crushing on Lime Green at the moment

Beach: Bunker Bay 


Website: http://tancoleartist.com

Contact us:


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