Dunsborough - Owner Nina Johnson

Supernova was born in 2007...did a shoe and handbag addiction inspire the business?
Growing up overseas, I remember shoe shopping as being part of the whole shopping experience. Some shoe shops were just incredible and with such flair I just wanted to create an exciting environment, not just a practical - purposely built space


What is your criteria when looking for new brands for Supernova? 

For one, I always want a brand that's going to be wearable and quality. A style that finishes off a look or an outfit nicely. I love creating looks and playing with them. Obviously I also look at what is out there and gaining momentum because at the end of the day that's what matters.


What's on your feet right now?
A pair of Birkenstocks


Do you have a typical customer? 

Mmh yes to a certain extent. I think the Supernova girl sit anywhere between 25 and 45yo, often a young mum who is busy and needs something she can wear all day but wants to look immaculate. Saying that, the influx of tourism in summer, creates a captive audience of a real melting pot of ages and socio economics.


What is the most pairs of shoes one customer has purchased at the one time?

Haha! You know what they say..what happen here stays in here! Well.. I had a lady buying a few pairs of shoes and putting 8 pairs on layby, she was a Perth socialite - needless to say if was a really fun and exhilirating experience.


Can we buy online? 

Yes you can. We are working hard at the moment to update our summer collection. We do free delivery throughout Australia and you can check it all and purchase on


What's trending for summer? 

Animal print is still big this Summer with the obvious winner being leopard print. However we see  a bit of python coming through and pony skin is alive and well. Pool slides seem to be huge, with that comfort/geeky look that girls seem to embrace. But it's not for everyone, so your dainty T-bar is still in and always will be. Timeless is priceless.


Besides divine shoes and bags, what else do you stock? 

We really concentrate on shoes and bags, but while we represent brands we are passionate about, we try to represent the whole picture for them. So we do add on a bit of fashion in certain areas and always sell a few pieces of jewellery.


If you could only own 2 pairs of shoes, what would you choose? 

Personally? A pair of Vans, high tops preferably...and a pair of Ancient Greek Sandals for Summer, they are my all time favourite.



31/33 Dunn Bay Rd

Dunsborough, Western Australia

(08) 9759 1166


Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 5pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 4pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm
Public holidays: 9:30am - 5pm





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