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At what age did art become a significant part of your life?

My grandfather was an artist, l remember sitting on the porch and watching him paint watercolour landscapes, l was about 6 years old and wanted to paint like him.


Which artists or people influence and/or inspire you?

Jean Michael Basquiat is a big influence. His use of banal colour, composition and robust painting styles created amazing artworks.


Shaun Tan also influences aspects of my work, his precision in perspective and detail are brilliant.


How would you describe your style?

I have a varied style of work. Currently my work is illustrative with use of watercolour and pencil. I use the negative space around the work to draw emotion.


My other style is like putting paint in a blender without the lid on and cranking it to high whilst holding a canvas to it. I use bright, bold colour and black lines to evoke humor, irony and social messages. Some serious, some not.

Although you've now left the southwest, can we view and purchase your art online?


Yes, I can be contacted through my Facebook page 


Feel free to message me, for any enquires or pricings. Commissions welcome.




"I want to be a Cricketer" by Sally Carbon and Justin Langer & illustrated by Stewart, is available from Fremantle Press

Stewart at work with his son, Archie

How did living in the southwest influence your work?

The southwest is a magical place, the colour of the bush, the ocean and the people make it an ideal creative space….oh and l forgot the beer. Beer creates ideas.


What is your favorite piece you've done to date?

A piece called “Barrow” (image left). It speaks to people.


You've illustrated a book, any plans to do another?

I would love to illustrate another book. I’m waiting for the time and space to throw myself into it.


What's on the drawing board right now?

Finding a place to live in the South island of New Zealand (Geraldine) I hope to find a place with a shed to convert into a studio.

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