Interview with Talei Manners, Owner



Address: 115 Bussell Highway, MARGARET RIVER 

Phone: (08) 97588500 

Opening Hours:

MON-FRI 9.30-5.30

SAT/SUN 900-5.00 

Open long weekends and during the holidays 



Great to interpretation but still edgy.  How did you come up with it?

Yes it certainly can be interpreted in many ways. I wanted something cool and strong, so over a bottle of wine with a very special friend we started brain storming. "Call it The Chief" she said, seeing that I tend to do at lot of organizing, among other things …We had a laugh!!! I googled cool and Stellar came up. I put it together and then everyone one was like…."No way that’s a terrible name, no one in Margaret River will get it, it's too out there". I had already made up my mind, I loved it and it felt perfect for what I had in mind.


Stellar and The Chief is nearly 18 months has the shop evolved since opening?

I don’t think the shop has evolved any differently to how I have evolved as a person. I am creative and inquisitive so my style is always evolving and the shop is a reflection of that. But during the time we have been open, it would be fair to say that I have met a lot of amazing people and heard their stories and those things influence my own growth and style. So I guess you could say that the shop is more of a reflection of the great people I have met along this journey.


You were a Stylist and a Designer in a couple of your past lives... what inspired the change to retail?

Having spent many years being a personal, commercial fashion stylist and a visual merchandiser, it seemed like it was time to put that energy into something that was under one roof for myself and my family. We moved permanently to Gracetown (Margaret River) an opportunity came about and we jumped at it. But really, when you think about it, nothing has changed for me. I am still creating looks and putting ideas together and I am always on the hunt for something new and interesting, so in that sense I am still a designer. And obviously I am constantly involved with the visual merchandising for the shop and I help customers put different looks together, so styling is still a big part of what I do. The difference now, is that before my clients were paying for my style advice, and now I get to give that to my customers as part of the SATC experience.


Is there a typical SATC customer?

Eclectic. I have a very large and broad customer base who are generally looking for something a little bit different. Overall Satc appeals to everyone, because we do a little bit of everything. I think out customers are looking for good quality pieces that are interesting and most of our regular customers now come here when they are looking for something a bit unique.


Do you stock any south west labels?

Humidity Clothing is the only South West label that I stock. Being based in Dunsborough, it is perfect for our business relationship.


Describe SATC in 3 words...

Eclectic, edgy, unique.


HOT tips for the COLD months ahead?

Cashmere is perfect for our weather. It's light weight and very easy to wear whether it's a jumper or a scarf. Boots, bring on more boots, watch out for the knee high boots they are coming back. Hats, perfect to keep the wind and weather at bay. 


Item of clothing… M.A. Dainty Leather Shorts 

Shoes… being a boot person I would have to say my Python Mexicana Boots 

Mag… Real Living 

South west bar/cafe… The Fire Station Wine Bar in Busselton 


INSTA… @stellarandthechief 

FACEBOOK… Stellar and The Chief 







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