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Co.lab Model Academy, established in January 2017, was the first academy in Australia's South West to introduce classes combining modelling and industry training with etiquette and life-skills. Classes in self-defence, social media profiles and safety, dining etiquette, interview skills, confidence and resilience and the art of conversation are just some of the valuable life lessons included in the extensive curriculum, alongside regular runway walking and photographic training.


Over the past 3 years, the Academy has gained a strong reputation for fun, professionally-run classes with a focus on physical and mental wellness. The quality of training was evident at a recent event showcasing students from the Academy, who ranged in age from 12-18 years.  Co.lab Models, the academy's agency division was formed in January, 2020.

Reviews and comments on Co.lab's social media pages are indicative of the difference the classes are making to the confidence and self-image of young girls (and boys) across the South West who have attended the Academy.

Director Jo Bevis (


The Teacher/Mentor's, are also working Models.  Georgia Bignell (Above, left) and Georgia Johnson (Right) have both modelled extensively throughout the South-West and Perth and continue to do so, which is fabulous for the girls to see. Academy Director Jo Bevis says, "the two Georgias present the classes in a friendly, non-competitive way and their gentle but thorough teaching styles mean the students never feel intimidated when learning to walk or pose.  Parents have said how their children's confidence and self-esteem have improved in a very short time.  Learning to walk and stand with great posture and confidence is very empowering.  The older group are also very inclusive of the younger girls when they come together to rehearse for events or for shoots, it's lovely to see".


"If students aspire to model professionally, we provide opportunities to work locally with designers, retailers, photographers and creative teams, so they can gain invaluable experience and add to their portfolios.  We have students who travel from Bunbury, Margaret River and Busselton to attend our classes.  Carpooling is the key!"


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