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Shakira Marlan

Age: 18

Height: 174cm

Hometown: Australind


When did modelling become a part of your life?

Modelling has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to take classes, learn the industry and pursue it. It was around the age of 13 when I started classes with Classique Modelling Management. Just by going to classes once a week I slowly learnt all about the industry, from walking the cat walk to learning all about how to present your self during a photo shoot.


Tell us about your experience as the Face of the South West Fashion Festival

Its been an enjoyable experience being the face of the South West fashion Festival. I've participated in a few photo shoots, including my first live photo shoot, I have also had an interview with GWN discussing the events held at the South West Fashion Festival weekend. The most exciting part of it all would be the fashion festival, being involved with all of the talented designers amazing collections was a lot of fun.

Photo by Bianca Turri

Photo by Jo Bevis - SWFF 2014

What does "beauty" mean to you?

Beauty can cover a wide spectrum of different kinds of things. However I love seeing women embrace the part of themselves that is most unique or unusual. Every person has their own individual looks and I think its a beautiful thing to see every women embrace there different looks, and also feeing comfortable in their own skin, I find this to be true beauty.


What are your three favourite items of clothing?

Mink Pink Denim shorts, which have been worn to death this summer!  My leather skirt by Evil Twin, such a funky and versatile piece that can be worn to suit any occasion.My vintage denim jacket, that I scored whilst doing a bit of op-shopping, so comfy and perfect for a winter throw on.ded by the people I love, before returning to Perth mid year to begin TAFE and to focus on the development of my career as a professional model.


Do you shop for clothes locally often?....tell us your fave stores and designers

I do most of my shopping in Perth or online. However Bunbury does have a few shops I love to look around in, Sabotage, and The Dark Room are great examples of shops that you can pick up some funky and quirky things from. My three top favourite designers would have to be Bec and Bridge, Josh Goot and Betty Tran.


What or who makes you smile?

Most things make me smile, I'm a generally happy person all round. Little things such as receiving flowers, family & friends.. and definitely my mums lame jokes! haha 

Most-used app: Instagram!

Style: funky & chic

Favourite beach: Definitely  the beaches down south, Yallingup & Meelup beach for sure, they are so beautiful and relaxing.

... film or book: Love Disney movies and all time classics, The Note book or The Lion king, are definatley movies I could watch a thousand times and they never get old. 


Dream shoot location?

Somewhere tropical... on the beach of Maldives or Tahiti would be absolutely amazing!


What would you like to be doing in 5 years time?Hopefully travelling and living overseas pursuing modelling.

Skaira Marlan is now represented by Vivien's Models


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