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What is your earliest memory of tea?

I fell in love with Earl Grey at the age of 15. My mum bought me a box of this delicious tea when we were on a family holiday. I was in heaven.


What makes your tea different from others on the market? 

Seven Seas Teas are fresh, organic and some are Australian grown. They are selected based on flavor and freshness and best practice farming methods. We wont accept just any old tea! And of course they are all blended and packaged by hand right here in Margaret River.


Does drinking tea leaves instead of tea bags enhance the experience?

Of course! Once you have experienced the flavor and freshness of loose leaf teas you will never look back. Throw those teabags in the bin girlfriend! Loose leaf is also so much better for our environment; no nasty tags, string and bits of paper. Put your used tea leaves in the compost or give them to the chooks. They love tea too. 


What are the health benefits of tea?

Oh so many. They include antioxidants, essential minerals, cholesterol busters and a host of healing properties found in herbal blends. The list goes on but for me the greatest health benefit of all is the down time a cup of tea allows; the moments in your day when you can slow down, relax a little and enjoy a cup of goodness. This is good for the soul. 


Where can we buy and try SS Tea?

You will be seeing us pop up at local markets during summer and you can find us at several cafes/ restaurants and gourmet food outlets in and around Margaret River. Check out : for a stockist near you. You can also shop online.


Tell us about your production process?

Teas, herbs and spices are shipped in from near and far and blended and packaged at Seven Seas Tea HQ in Gracetown; a small coastal village near Margaret River. Our teas are created in and around kids, the beach, surf and our beautiful natural bush setting. We hope you can taste a little south-west lifestyle in every cup of Seven Seas Tea


What else do you sell?

We have some gorgeous linen tea towels and the handiest little basket tea infuser you have ever seen. No need to fuss around with pots if you don’t want to; just pop the basket infuser in your cup, add tea, leave for a couple of minutes and VOILA! Loose leaf tea has never been so easy.


If you could have a cuppa with anyone, anywhere...who and where would it be?

Who? Oh this is a hard one. Sharing a cup of tea with friends and family is my favorite thing to do. It’s too hard to pick just one person out of all the people I love in this world. 

Where? This is easy. My kitchen bench. This is where we chat and solve the problems of the world.



South west restaurant/cafe/bar... tricky because I don’t get out much but can I give a shout out to Sea Gardens in Prevelly, Margaret River Bakery, The Hairy Marron in Margs and the cool cats at Combi Coffee. These legends all serve and support local and you have to love that. They also serve the best tea (wink wink)


Town... Gracetown of course, this is home. 


Beach... Gracetown. This is where you will find me all summer long x

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