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As a child I liked to draw...

Always inspired and still am by what is around me. A lot of different animals, especially birds.


I get my artistic talent from...

My dad for sure. He's always done art since I can remember and is such a talented artist! I think that's where my passion started looking up to him.


My favourite subject at school was...

haha  ART of course, sport is close but Art is my number one! I think I wrote in my year 7 graduation year book that I wanted to be an art teacher. Close, but now I'm an artist working in my studio, which I am grateful for and love doing!


Describe your style in 3 words...

Realistic / suggestive / soulful

What or who inspires your work?

I've been researching a lot about the mind lately and the subconscious. Fascinating subject, I hope to incorporate that more into my art in the year to come. Along with our connection to the moon and among other things of nature.


What's on your easel?

Latest collection "Gypsy Summer Nights" consisting of four Portrait Oil Paintings of women. Loving the learning process of layering oils with these pieces.


Pencil, brush or...?

A lot of brush lately with oil paints but still love the pencils and inks or a bit of everything! Never limit myself but oil paints is a def a favorite right now.


You can see/buy my work from...

I'm currently one of the feature artists at The Art Label located at Maker & Co in Bunbury. You can visit the website to see all my pieces -


Also I have pieces on show at Dipikshens Art Gallery located in Marslton, Bunbury -


And some pieces are available through Red Cloud Art Space in Yallingup. -


If you could have dinner with any artist - dead or living - who would it be?

Tough choice but I would have to say Dan Quintana.  I would love to chat with him as he is also inquisitive about the subconscious mind. His work is stunning and something I would love to learn from.



South west gallery...  Boranup Art Gallery

Cafe...Cafe 140 in Bunbury

Mag...Real Living











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