What's on your easel?

I dont have an easel to work with but I have a small desk that I sit up late at night with under a bright light with "Alkaline Trio" playing in the background. Currently on my desk are a lot of torn pieces of paper with mindless scribbles and rantings that only a mad man would appreciate, there's more pencil shavings than pencils, dry markers that wished they were full of colour, and millions of ideas that have made their way from my imagination to a crumpled piece of A3 paper.  I have no current project that I am working on but a lot of great ideas just waiting for the right person to call.

Was Art your favourite subject at school?

My schooling was sad and horrible.  I attended Lockridge Senior High School which was more like a prison farm if anything.  Art was not encouraged. Fighting and avoiding fights seemed to be the school motto when I was there. Art was my least favourite subject!  I was told by my teachers that I would amount to nothing. I was never told that I could be great at something I wanted to do in life.   I never wanted to do a job I hated. If anything, maths always intrigued me! Life is mathematical, art is mathematical!  You can not argue with maths.


How has living d'outh influenced your work?

Living in the south west has helped my mind to ease and to find what is important in life, to realise there is more important things to worry about. I am very accommodating to my surroundings and bear fruits according to the soil and weather conditions. If anything I have dropped down to an idling speed between neutral and first gear and can take my time with out looking over my shoulder.


Describe a real-life experience that inspired you?

Every life experience inspires me. My work is often based around every day discussions with people, an emotion, something beautiful, something horrible. One experience that was a turning point in my life was the renaming myself and giving myself a new identity with graffiti. When we are born we are given a name and a number, but when we discover that we can change that name and create a new identity for ourselves we are free and create an illusion for people and they either love it or hate it.  This happened the first time I picked up an aerosol can. I started small and some people hated it, I got bigger and more people hated it. The bigger I created murals the more people disliked the name I gave to myself, until I painted a mural 250m long and the state government paid me for it...... and then some people loved it! It doesn't matter if people hate it or love it, the result is the same for me.


What's your view on public art and graffiti?

I respect public art and graffiti. 

Sam's work at Corynne's Natural Soaps, Dunsborough

Sam's birthday FLASHMOB surprise at Hot Chocolatte in Dunsborough on Thursday.

If you could spend a day with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Thats a tough one.  If the artist is a "dick" and his art work sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars, then I'd rather spend a day playing Halo online and eating chips, and that's a day well spent in my eyes. If we hit it off and are on the same wave length and not shy of having a laugh and he or she can barely hold a crayon, then I'd rather spend a day with a person with no name.  Having said all of that, I would love to have sunk some shooters of tequila with HR Giger.  That man's mind would have been amazing to stare into, just as long as he wasn't a dick.


Where in the south west can we see your work?

I have done a few projects with the youth of Dunsborough and a few murals about the place, but more recently I have had the pleasure to paint the new "Hot Chocolatte" in Busselton on Prince street opposite the park.   Before that was the "Artificial Reef" at the Quindalup boat ramp, Quicksilver in Dunsborough, Corryne's Soap, Dunsborough playing fields oval and the Yallingup concrete wave.




Silver/chrome, more a metallic tone of grey it never completely dries and is a mongrel to paint over.


So many movies to choose from but an all time favourite movie is "Brotherhood of the Wolf".   The first time I watched it I couldn't change the language from French to English, so I just watched it!  Great movie in French, equally as good in English. I eventually found batteries for the remote to change the language setting.  Favourite books would have to be "Drink and Draw Social Club", where artists have sit around with pints of beer, paper and pens of choice and create something that I believe to be amazing, real and damn funny.


No gallery has pushed my hair back.   The city streets and abandoned warehouses are still the dirtiest and natural galleys of artists not wanting to be known.

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