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Peter Rowsthorn aka Brett from Kath & Kim fame enjoying a juice at Manadalay Village earlier this year.

When was Raw Life born and why?
Raw Life was born in the summer of 2012. We had just had our first born son and moved back home to Dunsborough and saw an opportunity to start a healthy mobile food vendor in the area. We both love fresh juices and we feel that juicing is a great way to help people become healthier and get their daily intake of fruit and vegetables. It can be hard to get products at events that are good for you and for your children, so we thought up the idea of a mobile juice bar and ran with it.

Do you source your ingredients from local suppliers?
Yes we do. All our Fruit and Vegetables are sourced locally and are organic where possible. We have local family gardens we pick from regulary which are all organic and spray free! We only use produce that is in season and that has very low food miles!

Are you vegetarian/vegan?
No, we definitley don't have meat every day, but we eat a very balanced diet and believe in wholefoods and sustainally grown food.

Tell us about your balls?
Our balls are yummy! They are a great snack and are actually quite filling! They are a perfect partner to have with your juice.
We use raw organic ingredients and the recipe is on our website www.rawlifejuice.com.au

What's your most popular juice combo.....and your personal favourite?
The most popular juice would have to be our REFRESHER JUICE.
The ingredients are beetroot, apple, orange, pear, carrot, lemon and ginger
Our personal favourite is... actually anything thats a juice!

Can you recommend a good home juicer....preferably one that is easy to clean!?
At home we have an Oscar Neo.. it's a cold pressed juicer and is easy to use and clean! We think its fantastic!

Juice cleanses are very popular right now, what is your view on these?
I (Chris) have just done a juice cleanse. It was a five day juice feast. It allowed my body to rest from digestion and was flooded with cold pressed organic green juices six times a day by a new local juice company, doing juice feasts and cleanses, the company is based in Busselton and it's called MANA JUICE. It was a tough five days but the results, physically and mentally, were phenomenol.

Do you run juicing workshops?
No we don't but we do attend them. We highly recommend them!

Where can we buy Raw Life products?
Direct from our mobile trailers! Follow us on Facebook (RAWLIFE) and we will let you know our whereabouts weekly. We attend local markets and events and always post where we will be. We sell fresh Juices, Choc and Peppermint Bliss balls, nut milk bags, coconut oil, coconut water, dehydrated fruit bags, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" DVD's.

Website: Facebook haha
Foodie movie: we watch alot of SBS cooking shows... Chris is a private Chef so it's part of our rituals! If we had to choose one it would be BIG NIGHT.
Cook book: the newest addition to our cookbook family is Quirky Cooking/Thermomix by Jo Whitton
South west cafe: Boranup Forest Cafe

What's in your fridge?
Our fridges are always full! There's never room for anything else except lots of greens, fruits and veges, coco quench, coconut water, goji berries, medjool dates, shredded coconut, olives, cheeses, jars of pickled/fermented foods, beer and wine!



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