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Did you study art at or after school?

I studied TEE art in year 12.  I spent years after school travelling and won an art prize while living on the Gold Coast so applied to study in Brisbane.  I was accepted into Fine Art- Community Art in Brisbane, but plans changed and I moved back to WA instead.


After more years of travelling overseas, I came back and begun studying Visual Arts at TAFE but fell pregnant and now have two small children, so my Diploma was never completed!


Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?


Every day inspires me! Things I see... when I look at everything I see colours. Travelling and seeing the colours and variation in how we live against the backdrop of the world. 

Actually when I lived on the east coast, I found myself painting a lot of south west beaches and Kimberley landscapes, so I think I knew I was always going to live here.


How does living in the south west influence your style?

I am definitely drawn to painting with blue tones and lots of white. Very coastal and bright. I think it's also the pace here.  People are always happy to wait for commission pieces...they can take time to come together. 


I used to paint mainly beaches but as I visited the galleries around the area, I found they were lacking in contemporary abstract art which is what I love. I began painting what I wanted to paint and less of what the market wanted. People have to go to Perth to buy large scale contemporary art and i want more of it in the area.


What's on your easel?

I usually have a few works going at once. Yesterday I completed a large abstract portrait and today I'll be completing an abstract dyptich.

"In & Out Burger"

How do you know when a work is finished?

On the odd occassion I go too far and then I realise that I should have left it alone, but I'm getting to recognise that moment approaching and now tend to find less is more with my paintings. I start with such a wild idea but sometimes what I envisage doesn't quite turn out on canvas the way I first imagine.


Describe your perfect studio...

(It would be easier if I drew it!) Just an 8x8m shack, a large old table in the middle covered in supplies, working canvases on one wall the other three walls are windows looking out onto bush. Maybe a ceiling fan too... and the radio drowning out distractions


If you could paint anyone living or passed, who would you choose and why?

Im not sure i would have to think. I was speaking with an artist friend a few years back about entering the Archibald prize one day. So it would probably be someone Australian. 

I sold a painting a couple of years ago of Elle Macpherson in a sports Illustrated shoot and that got me thinking of the Archibald.


Tell us about your public/large-scale art projects?

In 2013 I completed a large mural for The Shed in Busselton, probably my biggest challenge so far.  I showed up with acrylics but the gyprock dried it out in seconds so I came back with oils and even then they dried within a day. I was having major doubts on day one but it came together quickly and was finished in two weeks.

Where can we see your work at the moment?

I Have an exhibition currently running at Flametree Wines until March. there are large colourful abstracts and &$99 girls. I also have large statement pieces in the new Hatch Home + Style in Busselton

What has been your most interesting commission piece to date?

I actually just recently completed a 2 x 1.5m alice in wonderland inspired abstract for a designer home in Port Geographe. As usual i started with a very vivid wild idea and as i consulted with the client over its completion we took it back a notch and left it with fantastic clean lines and perspective.



Medium...I love oils but work with "Interactive" acrylics. I love a charcoal sketch.

Colour...Blue, I love Cobalt Turquoise Light, and Lemon Yellow but it's hard to stop yellow going muddy.

Artist...Lisa Morgan... an outstanding artist from Noos, her work is awe inspiring. I could hang her works all over my house!  And the late Brett Whiteley.

South west gallery...Not so much a gallery but I love seeing the art passing through Hay Shed Hill.  I think I'll be trying to get some work in there one day!



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