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In these techno-obsessed times, anything that encourages physical exercise is a PLUS.  We asked Michelle Troop from NLNL Margaret River what it's all about.


"No Lights, No Lycra" - I loved the name before I even knew what is was about…  what is it about?!

No Lights No Lycra is a dance community that started in Melbourne by Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett in 2009. It's free movement, so there's no teacher or rules.  It's a space for people who love to dance. It's a very non-judgemental space and because it takes place in the dark (except in Summer), it's a great place to lose yourself and your worries in the music and just dance. 

It must be completely liberating, what sort of post-class comments do you get/overhear?

At the end of every session there's always a lot of happy faces in the room. The smiles speak for themselves. 


How many people in an average class…and is there squishing of toes or any embarrassing moments?

We average between 10 to 20 people each week.  You do have to be mindful of one another's space, especially in Winter as it's very dark and hard to see other people. 


Can the space be used for private NLNL sessions, girls nights, parties, escaping children!?

It could be, we're open to anything if there's enough people involved.  We're planning on a few extra events this Winter.  We'll keep you posted on our facebook page. 


Does anyone BYO iPod and groove to their own beat?

The music is loud, like you're in a club.  So it would be a bit tricky to hear your iPod I would think.  I run NLNL with a friend of mine Emma, who's a DJ, so we have a decent sound system.


What's on your playlist at the moment?

I'm into old school funk at the moment, so I've been listening to artists like Funkadelic, The Jungle Brothers, Roger & Zapp.  I'm also into Alison Wonderland and a friend of mine has given me some heavier stuff like Ticon that I like too.  


Most popular NLNL track?

It always changes but we just had our 2 year anniversary and we played songs by Flume, Will Sparks, Lykke Li, Avicci, Lana Del Ray.  The old classics like Baby Got Back and Push It are always fun, but both mine and Em's musical tastes have changed and evolved since we started, so we're coming up with new stuff all the time.  


What age is your average NLNL'er?

They range from about 14 to 60.


Loving the daggy factor, do tracky-dacks feature often?

It's definitely a work out, so most people wear leggins or shorts with a pair of sneakers.


Any plans for more NLNL classes or events in the south-west? 

We've got a few ideas in mind for some Friday sessions involving guest djs that I'd like to see happen.  We'll keep everyone posted on our facebook page-




On a cold wintry Tuesday night in June 2009, five people walked through the doors of St Marks Church Hall in Fitzroy, Melbourne. In the winter darkness, the light glow of the heaters and a portrait of Amma the Hugging Saint looking down upon them, No Lights No Lycra was launched to the song Rien de Rien by Edith Piath. The dance night grew through word of mouth and within a few months the hall was full of people who shared the same yearning for a dimly lit space to dance as freely as they do in their living rooms.NLNL now runs dance nights throughout Australia and the world.


“This is a pure and spiritual experience, releasing that urge to shake and doing it without dealing with the social nuances of dancing in public”- Greenpointers Blog, Brooklyn NY


“Many of the constraints of our modern society can be transcended through dancing in this environment, gender and sexuality become irrelevent, and space is negotiated without words or power struggle.”-

Laura Morgan, NLNL Dancer, Melbourne.


WHERE: CWA Hall 42 Townview Tce Margaret River 

WHEN: Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm

COST: $5

CONTACT: Michelle 0420707001 Em 0407450784



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