Those boys.


It could be 3am in the morning, on a friend's couch, in their favourite alleyway - but rarely at home two boys huddle over an iPad or iPhone drinking in the latest streamed offering from the world of fashion or some arty retro movie - either way, they’re happy but hungry for more.


They’re a team - Fashion Stylist and Art Director Nathan Gardiner and celebrated hair expert Cody Trimboli, "I guess we are a company but we don't have a name", more and more the request is "get those boys to do it" And do it they do:)


We're good boys - maybe a little roguish but essentially good hearted and both completely in love with so many aspects of the fashion industry.


Is there anything you don't love?

'Weeeell perhaps the way you can put in a full day or days effort and come out of it with very little - and sometimes not even recognition - having said that, WE ain't mean and will always put our hands up for a good cause or charitable venture” 'We didn't set out to do this as a team, it was more a case of working some mutual gigs, getting along and appreciating what the other did' Some years chugged by; concepts were tried, mistakes were made, 'Some of our work will never see the light of day - but that's fine, neither of us claim to be perfect' 


“We did a Max Max origins shoot in a Capel gravel pit - I loved that collaboration of creatives coming together to create something unique”.

”I think mine was when we finished ten days with Betty Tran at Mercedes Fashion Week got off the plane and went to Busselton to to do the CineFest Oz campaign, we were exhausted but so excited to do it" “Oh oh and what about that gorgeous shoot for Betty in the Versace styled mansion”, “Yeah that was outrageously fun”. “And when the girls and guys all come in for yearly shoots - that's a very special time” This could go on and on...


The future?

“Well whatever comes our way as well as whatever we please!!” (Both grin disarmingly and erupt in laughter - these are boys you could easily fall in love with)


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