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What is your earliest memory of creating something?

I used to spend a lot of time staying with my grandparents during school holidays, as both of my parents worked full time. This is going to sound very bizarre, but one of the earliest creative memories I have and also one of the favourite things my cousins and I used to love to do, was spend hours and hours hammering all sorts of nails and mesh and basically any scraps of anything we could find, into a tree stump in my grandparents back yard. I’ve always loved creating texture into my paintings and I guess this was the first taste/start of that love!


Did you grow up in the south west....and how does the environment influence your work?

I grew up in a little suburb just outside of Fremantle, Western Australia. I married my husband in 1996 who was a Dairy Farmer at the time I and moved to the family farm at Alexandra Bridge; then in 2007 we moved to Tom Price to pursue a career in mining; then in 2014, my whole family moved to Dunsborough. I have always felt that the South West was my home, even though I have lived in many varied and wonderful places. I have found inspiration from living in the city, near the red dirt and now near the ocean. 


Was art your favourite subject at school?

Of course! And a close second was Food Tech. I have always loved creating with my hands.

What or who inspires you?

I would say that what inspires me is nature, photographs, dreams, colour combinations and how things ‘feel’ rather than how they look.

Who inspires me -  I am a very big fan of Australian Artist Del Kathryn Barton, Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt. All so different, yet so powerful in how they deliver their message through their work. 


Is art in your genes?

There are no other artists in my family that I know of... I am definitely the black sheep 


What's on the easel?

I am currently working on a piece for an Exhibition in Bunbury. It is a tribute to Cecil the Lion. 


Describe your perfect studio setting?

Lots of light, lots of room to move and spread out my work, in a loft overlooking the ocean. Yep, that’d be just perfect!


What is your dream project?

To create a meaningful tribute piece to hang in a women’s hospital. Even if it only was to bring them a moment of happiness and joy.


Where can we see your pieces?....and can we buy online?

You can certainly buy from me online and my work can be found on my website or through my postings on Social Media.


Colour... Teal

Medium... Acrylic Paint

Artist - alive or deceased... Frida Kahlo

SW gallery... Boranup Art Gallery





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