In Between Spleens

Who is Between Spleens (names, ages) and how long have you been playing together?
Between Spleens consists of singer Cleo Destouches, guitarists Eddy Rodda and Mitch Peacock, drummer James Alabisi and bassist Lennie Skender. We’ve been playing together a bit over a year and a half. Our style is pretty hard to describe because it has elements of rock, pop, funk and soul.

What are our day jobs/is anyone studying music?
Cleo is actually studying music at WAAPA, Mitch works at the Dunsy post office, but studied sound production and worked setting up gigs in Perth pre-corona, Eddy works in a restaurant, Jimmy is a chippy and Lennie is a Gyprocker.

Inspo. for the name??
There isn’t any real inspo. for the name. We were just writing stuff on a whiteboard until we found something that sounded funny but some people put too much importance on names so I like that ours doesn’t really mean much.

Fave d'outh places to hang
Probably a beach like Lefties or Bears. The South West is a pretty beautiful spot and Jimmy, Eddy and Lennie surf so that’s just where we end up spending a lot of time. Either that or the Dunsy Tavern.

Dream gig?
Our dream gig would have to be a big festival like Splendour just because it looks like so much fun. Cleo also has dreams of taking us back to play in her homeland of France.

Do you have a 5-year plan?
To be honest we haven’t really looked that far into the future as a band but hopefully we’ll still making music, jamming out and playing some fun gigs.

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The Aardvark Bar, 9 Norfolk Street, Freo on 10th October and Mojos, Freo on 24th October.




Photography Jo Richardson

Tell us About your first gig...
Our first gig was only as a three piece with Jimmy Cleo and Eddy. We opened for Blackwood Morris at the Margaret River Corner Bar. We only had one week to prepare and had only met each other a few weeks beforehand. Only our families and a few locals were watching and we were nervous and unprepared but it still went alright.

Do you have any major influences?
All our personal influences are a little bit different, but we all love bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Sticky Fingers. Jimmy cites Carter McLean as an influence. Eddy is greatly influenced by Jeff Buckley and both guitarists draw inspiration from David Gilmour but we like pretty much all music so there’s probably a bit of everything in what we make. 

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