MODEL | Vienna Anderson

Age: 15

Hometown: Dunsborough, Western Australia

Height: 174cm
Agency: Chadwick Perth LINK

How were you introduced to modelling?

As a young girl I always dreamed of doing modelling. When I was 10 years old I attended Grooming and Deportment Classes for a year and half, however due to the classes not being offered in the Southwest I would look out for competitions or anything that was available in the industry. In 2013 when I was 13, I tried out for the Dolly Model Search competition. I was scouted by Chadwick Model Management and invited to attend development classes in Perth. They were very accommodating as they knew I lived down south and so I attended when I could. Then in 2014 I decided to try out for the Dolly Model Search competition again and at the end of the competition I was very fortunate to be signed with Chadwick Model Management.


How does your love of dance help with modelling and vice versa?

I only started dancing when I was 13 but now I’m totally hooked! Modelling and dancing are quite similar and really complement each other. Dancing has taught me different ways to move which is really important in modelling where you have to change poses, shapes, angles often to get the best shot. Posture is also really important in both modeling and in dance. I have found dancing on stage and modelling in front of a crowd has helped immensely with my confidence.


Tell us about your experience in the 2014 Dolly Model Search...

Totally amazing!! I actually only decided to enter at the last minute as I still had my braces on so didn’t really think I’d have a chance, but I like to push myself and learn new things so thought I would enter and see what would happen. When they announced that I was the WA finalist I was so surprised, shocked and honoured all at the same time. A big part of the Dolly Model search was about being a positive role model for Dolly readers, it wasn’t just about modelling. 


I was so fortunate to get flown to Sydney for 2 photo shoots in May and then for the announcement in August 2014. The Dolly team were friendly and made the whole experience so much fun. We visited the Dolly office and learnt how the magazine was made and got to see some sights. I have made lifelong friends with the other finalists as we shared such a special, unique experience together. 


It has been such a whirlwind of an experience and since the competition I have had opportunities to do some parades and photo shoots, like this one. I’m really enjoying learning about the industry and I’m excited to see what the future holds!!


Have you thought of how you are going to fit modeling in with school? 

At this stage I am looking at it like a part time job that I love to do! I know it’s important to finish school and keep all my options open. If I were given opportunities to spend more time modelling, I would work it around school. 


What or who inspires you each day?

First and foremost my family, but especially my Mum who inspires me to be the best person I can be. I also admire Ashleigh Maree Ross, an Australian dancer, because she is pursuing her dream which inspires me to follow my dreams and to live the life that I love too. 


What did you have for breakfast? 

Green smoothie and toast.


If you could be the face of any brand or label, who would you choose and why?

My own!! I would like to design and create a brand for teenagers that was cool, funky. I think Tigerlily suits my style but I just need them to create more bohemian clothes suitable for my age group. I love the colours and styles she mixes together. 


What would you like to be doing in 5 years? 

Travelling and seeing the world! Modelling in New York or Europe.

Vienna on location with Hair Stylist Cody Trimboli for this issue's editorial

Which Australian model has qualities which you admire? 

Shannon Richardson- she was on Australia’s Next Top model in 2013 and I loved her personality on the show, she is just so down to earth and genuine. I contacted her before I travelled to Sydney and since then we have been in contact and she has been a support to me through the Dolly competition and after. I love the fact she is still a grounded person and very approachable – I admire and aspire to be someone like Shannon. 


What's in your handbag? 

Lip balm - I cant go anywhere without it! 

Phone, purse and sunnies 




South west boutique... Stellar and The Chief 

Food...chicken schnitzel and chocolate (although not together!) 

Subject/s at, sport and human biology 

Movie...’Divergent’ and ‘If I Stay’ 

My background is...second generation Aussie! I often get asked if I have some mixed ethnicity as I have quite olive skin but it must be a throw back!


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