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MODEL | Alison Andrade


Age: 19

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

Height: 175cm

In 5 years time, I'd like to...
Have progressed into modelling work, or to be studying Fashion Design/Styling internationally would be wicked! Ideally travelling to America, and getting amongst the diversity and culture, in fashion as well as music! I'd like to learn and capture as much as possible. Meet characters who inspire me and I inspire, make small differences. I think fashion and music are two of the best ways to send a message, I hope I have made an impressionable one in 5 years.

Tell us about modelling work you've done...

The first few shoots I took part in were for hair lookbooks for Howshique Salon where my hairdresser worked at the time about a year back, and one Wedding Bridal Expo for The Office for Hair. I was brought into it by the most fantastic hairdresser, colourist, motivator and friend, Stephanie Louise Bill @hairbyme_stephb (on Insta), who is now running her own independent salon! Since then, Steph organised a hair shoot incorporating a henna artist which was wicked fun! I joined the Alpha Models Academy in Perth early 2014 and have since met amazing photographers, HMUA's and teachers. Shirin Carter (@shirinismailcarter) shot my first proper shoot, and I just recently had my second shoot with the academy. I got to wear an amazing two piece Ethel and Leo outfit for the Fashion Show first Term at the Parmelia Hilton past June, and this terms show is later this month! Very exciting to be exposed to how everything plays out in the industry for sure! A few weeks back, my old friend Hannah Meads ( took a break from her busy internship in Sydney to come back to Bunbury for a visit. In the space of a week she had designed and made two bustiers, organised a TFP photographer, and my one and only Stephanie did my hair, collaborated with Elizabeth Frizzell @egfrizzell_gracefulfacesmua on make-up, it was a jungle themed editorial and we all had a heap of fun with it! I'm so stoked to be given the opportunity to  work with fantastic people and learn so much from them. The latest shoot I was in was wearing local brands, Eshe and Elise Vivienne for this magazine! Was the most fantastic crew, and such a fun day to watch creative minds at work. Hair genius and all round wicked dude Cody, Cody Trimboli Hair, with stylist, Nathan Gardiner and Photographer Jo Bevis for the August Issue of SW Life and Style Magazine! Currently I am putting together a portfolio, collaborating with awesome people where I can!

What do you think is the most important quality a model can possess?
Corny as it sounds you really do have to be yourself, portray that. Just know your worth, be humble and don't sell yourself short. A lot of people have it worse, and a lot have it better. Work for it.


Who or what inspires you?
What inspires me, is that there is always going to be something new or something you can add to fashion, it won't slow down or ever die, it's forever.


I dream of...
Travelling/working a heap internationally, living in LA or New York, and somehow making an economical movement, voicing the silence on all the injustice that's been done and is continuing to be.  


3 things I never leave home without...





Dream shoot location?

I would love to go to go to Portugal, where my heritage is. There are some magical looking islands there!

"Go-to" south west boutiques?
Eshe is hands down the boutique you won't be able to stop looking in, best place for little gifts of all occasions, classy and sassy! Secondly, Russell and Greg at The Flower Bench Boutique not only present their flowers beautifully, but combined awesome labels to their boutique featuring clothing, glasses, shoes and beautiful jewellery statements! The Drkroom Concept+ Sabotage, combine a heap of labels we'd usually have to go online to find, really appealing to modern style and stepping it up for Bunbury for sure, love it.

Summer or winter?

I definitely cannot wait for summer!