Bellissima is an Italian word for extra beautiful. This name that I have chosen, hopefully together with the creative work I do with beautiful nails and beautiful make-up will inspire my customers young and old to be able to leave my room feeling "Extra Beautiful”.


In my younger years I always admired  my grandfather’s painting which still hangs on my mother's wall today . My mother always said I had an artistic flair with everything that I did, just like my grandfather. Maybe that's why I have a creative side with a positive "can-do" attitude thrown in.


What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

1. I am mostly delighted that the customers continue to book appointments with me. This shows me that they recognise the important work I do in the specialist fields which I offer them.

2. My clients leave my studio looking and feeling happy and beautiful.


Was a career in beauty your first choice...and where did you train?

My career in beauty wasn't my first career choice when I left high school, my first choice was as a fashion designer/dressmaker in formal wear. Later on I took an interest in nails and make-up and soon after I decided to do some training in this area. I trained in Perth and Bunbury and really enjoyed these courses so I made a decision to start my own business.


You started Bellissima over 10 years ago.  Tell us how it all began.

I started my business at ‘The Gallery for Hair and Beauty’ in the years of 2000 –2002 then moved my business to the ‘Beauty Spot’ in  Bunbury. Most weekends I trained to be a Makeup artist in Perth and this is where I was  introduced to Makeup for photography for special occasions. After 3 years passed I moved my business to ‘Be Beautiful Beauty Salon’ as I needed to expand and needed more space,  this is where I started to sell Kryolan, Becca and Vani-T Products. Five more years passed and my business was continuing to grow when an opportunity arose to move my business into a studio of my own in Princep Street Bunbury and I have never looked back. I have also created my own online store for advertising and selling products. Visit:


How has the business evolved over that time?

Having my own space and more room meant that I could introduce my clients to a larger range of cosmetics  and specialise in more fields in beauty. Recently I have introduced  Hollywood Brows, Feathering Brow Tattooing and Eyelash Extensions, as well as Spray tanning and Facials.


What is your favourite part of what you do?

As an Nail tech and Makeup artist  I enjoy making people look and  feel confident in themselves. I love making my clients look beautiful.


Describe a typical day...

This is the beauty of being a business owner… you can really set your own hours and determine what you want your day to look like.  I choose to work hard so I will see an average of 8-12 clients a day. I spend the day with my clients working on nails or brows and selling makeup in-between. Most of my clients have become friends so a typical day at work feels more like a social gathering to me.  I feel thankful to be so busy and am grateful that my business continues to grow throughout a very challenging economic time.


Favourite product...and why?

Becca Cosmetics. I love the products and this company brings out amazing NEW products regularly and they are a great company to deal with.


What do you think is the most common mistake women make when applying make-up?

Not blending their foundation... and also not remembering to change their foundation colours for the season. A lighter foundation for winter and one darker foundation for summer is essential, as our skin tone changes naturally in summer.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty lies within a person, it's their personality and a beautiful heart that makes a person BEAUTIFUL!


What's in your handbag?

I own a Mimco purse it holds my Iphone, Becca Mineral Foundation in Noisette and Becca Lipgloss in Sangria.


Favourite beauty/fashion mag?



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13 Princep Street

Bunbury, Western Australia

0402 327 742




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