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When was LIVITY born and why?

The idea of Livity was born well over a year ago. We completed a cleanse under the guidance of a naturopath (who eventually helped us to develop our Livity cleanse) in November 2013, and although we loved the experience and the way it ultimately made us feel we found the constant prepping of juice very labour intensive and time consuming. We had no doubt other people would be feeling the same way, so we set about researching the best way to bring cleansing to the people. Our homes were juice taste test central for a very long time! We loved the idea of creating something (before Livity we were busy being mummas and friends) that we could be truly passionate about, that involved our love of health, whilst allowing us to be in control of our own future and work commitments, with 6 children between us - that was really important.


"Livity"....are you reggae fans or you just liked the meaning...or both?!

Well we have to admit that we actually did not know it was the title of an album released in 1981 (that's a little before our time) until we just did a Google search, but there is definitely nothing wrong with a bit of reggae! So for us it was definitely more about the meaning. Livity is a Rastafarian word that has different meanings to individuals within that culture; however we found that there are always positive connotations associated with Livity. It may mean your life-force, energy, connection to the Earth and others, the way you love. We just thought that was such a beautiful concept and so aptly described what we were trying to create; a product that is made with the utmost love and care to nourish your health and well-being. As a result when it came time to name our individual blends we considered what Livity meant to us, 

we have; Balance, Kindness, Grace, Truth, Happiness, Love and Embrace.

What is a cleanse and why should I do one?

A juice cleanse is a brief, nutrient dense, raw all liquid diet that is used to aid in achieving our optimal well-being. Regular meals are replaced with delicious, wholesome, raw, freshly cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and silky smooth nut milks. A cleanse is literally giving your body a brisk spring clean and it will also strengthen the bodies self -healing mechanisms. 

It gives your body a break; a mini holiday from the hard work of digestion which uses a great deal of your energy. A cleanse gives you an opportunity to concentrate that extra energy on healing the body and mind, removing unwanted toxins, cleaning our organs and boosting our immune system, all whilst flooding it with high quality, natural and easily absorbed nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. Our cleanse inspires you to move confidently in the direction of your health goals. 


What's more popular, your 1 or 3 day cleanse?

We have found that a 3 day cleanse is by far the most popular option... we have brave souls down here in the Southwest who are enjoying throwing themselves into cleansing head first. For those a little more hesitant the one day option has proven to be the perfect introduction to cleansing. What is the most common comment you get from people post-cleanse? Many people have stated that they have a renewed energy, a light and bright feeling which has inspired them to really nourish their bodies with fresh and delicious whole foods, post cleansing. Here is what a few of our lovely cleansers have had to say...


“The cleanse was FANTASTIC! I feel great, lots of energy and I'm sleeping so much better. The juices were so fresh and filling, I really wasn't left hungry. Thanks again for your support along the way.” 


Emily “Got through the 3 day cleanse and feel really good. Loved the service and the product, thank-you.” 


Jodie “Your wonderful Livity 3 day cleanse did my husband and I a world of good and all those fresh active vitamins and minerals is not something you get from a pill. We discussed the detox with my husband's brother who is a doctor/professor, he said that the detox would reset our digestive system... and it has! We are eating smaller, healthier meals and feeling totally energized. 

So worth it. 


Congratulations on your amazing product.” Robyn 


Is there anyone who shouldn't undertake a juice cleanse? 

We do not recommend cleansing whilst pregnant or breastfeeding and if you have a serious medical condition or illness we advise consulting a health professional before committing to a cleanse.


What's in your fridge/s?

Always lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, natural yoghurt, butter, cheese, eggs, good quality meat (fish, chicken, steaks), usually leftovers from the dinner we have made the night before (for example curries, salads, vegetable tart), some treats such as bliss balls or dark chocolate, water kefir for a dose of quality probiotics and of course delicious and nutritious juice!


Where can we find LIVITY in the south west?

You can find Livity juices for sale individually at The Garden Basket, The Brewshack, Margaret River Bakery and Margaret River Priceline Pharmacy. We also have some new Dunsborough stockists coming on board in the coming months, if you head to our Facebook and Instagram pages you will be the first in the know. 1 & 3 day cleanses are available for pick-up and delivery every Tuesday and Friday and these can be ordered via our informative website


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