ARTIST | Ian Mutch


At what age did art become a passion?

Early memories are drawing with my Grandmother in Africa. I always loved drawing as a kid. Then I discovered typography and design in school which influenced me a lot.

I guess art has always been a passion in different forms throughout my life - illustration, design, film, animation, music and painting.


How long have you called the south west home and how does the environment influence you?

I’ve been in the South-West for about 9 years.

The ocean, animals and trees, friends, stories, and down south experiences all influence my art in some way.


What or who inspires your work?

Travel. And nature.


Where can we see some of your public large-scale pieces?

On the main street of Margaret River, Wolf Lane Perth, and The Lawn bar in Dunsborough are a few local ones.

I’m getting more into murals these days which is lots of fun. More public projects are scheduled in the next couple of months including St John of God Hospital in Perth, Urbanscapes Malaysia, Commonage Road, Dunsborough and Wyatt Grove in Perth.

"In & Out Burger"

What is your view on graffiti?


I’m not a graffiti artist but I’ve always loved graffiti. I’ve never actually lived in a large city long enough to start running with crew who did it. I used to mimic the letterforms and characters i saw in books and when i was on trains in cities when traveling. I think it has a place in society. We have always left our mark as humans, like scratching stories in caves. Paint on walls adds colour, texture and energy to cities, especially in densely populated areas. I think that tagging up someones personal front yard is disrespectful, but if it’s public property go for it. Then in smaller country towns you have to be tactful because there’s not the same visual noise to compliment it.

If you could shoot the breeze with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?

Through creating an arts magazine i’ve got the chance to meet a lot of artists that inspire me along the way, so that’s been lucky.

I think I’d like to have a beer with Travis Millard, Wes Anderson, Bill Watterson, Zach de la Rocha, Matt Groening and Salvadore Dali. All together having a drink in the same pub would be interesting.


Your favourite...


Acrylic, Aerosol and Ink


Depends what’s showing. Johnathan Levine gallery in New York is normally pretty on point.


Blue I think. Tomorrow it will probably be a new favourite.

Also I like to see a mix of colours, rather than flat solid areas.

And sometimes I’m guilty of buying colours with cool names, like Wing Commander.


What's on your easel?

A large piece on timber board for the gallery. It’s been in progress for a few months but i’ve been super busy with commissions. Plus finishing the new studio.


Do you have any current exhibitions in the south west?

I've just completed a show at Hay Shed Hill. This December I'll have some artworks at Sugarman, Margaret River and Maker & Co in Bunbury. Plus some new artworks at Yallingup Galleries.






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