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HI8US - Scott Armstrong


Did you develop your passion for art as a child or did it kick in later?

I loved drawing and colouring when I was a kid, even though I am partially colour blind. My dad was an architect and I always looked up to his skills and he encouraged me with the help of an endless supply of paper to scribble on.  As I grew older I lost interest especially after some bad experiences with high school art classes.  But after spending some time in London and Europe my love of art was rekindled.  Every spare moment was spent at the Tate museum in London or following the arts of Picasso, Monet and Dali around Europe.  When I got back from my travels I started to paint as an escape ( hence the name hi8us ) from the day to day boredom of my office job.  It started with a few supportive friends wanting to buy bits and pieces and has gradually snowballed to where I am at today.  Hopefully the snowball keeps growing.

What is your perfect setting for creating?

I am primarily a daytime painter, which is hard with my day job.  So up early on a weekend with a good strong coffee to get me started. Normally I like to start with a neat, clean studio space but it never stays that way for long.  


You've painted a lot of muso's and actors.  If you could meet and also have someone sit for you, who would it be?

Painting Bill Murray is my addiction.  But a great addiction to have I think.  He just seems like such a laidback, nice guy who does things his own way.


Tell us about the Condor Carpark and Gasworks projects...

They were some great times and was really my first step into the art world.  I would like the thank the OLOLO guys for giving me the opportunity be involved in such a great project like Condor Car Park.  Perth needs more stuff like this. To be able to work alongside so many incredible artists and some of my idols like Stormie, Yok, Kid Zoom and Creepy ( Kyle Hughes-Odgers ) was so amazing.

Gasworks was another great opportunity that come from the Condor Car Park.  It was so much fun putting together such a large piece in such an iconic building in Perth.

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