Owners  Jenny Famlonga and Neen Uren



Opening Hours:

Mon: 10:00 to 16:00

Wed-Fri: 10:00 to 16:00

Sat: 9:00 to17:00

Sun: 10:00 to 14:00


Why Gold Fever?

Neen and I both loved the idea of the word 'gold' in our shop name..alluding to 'treasure'. The word 'fever' added warmth and the 'rush' associated with that special find.


Gold Fever Vintage is about to celebrate it’s first has the shop evolved since opening? 

Well we are bursting with stock for one! We have responded to what our customers want from local themed parties to formal occasions and we have a few local performers as valued customers too so we work with those folks & find what they need. We have gone from hiring a small selection of items to almost everything in the store and we pretty much need a bigger space now! 

It’s so lovely that there is two of us in this together and we work on different days so we are constantly finding each other’s new treasure. 

We also get invited to support many local events which is lots of fun.



Where have you worked in previous lives?!


Whilst raising four children now aged 20 to 30, I have worked in (surprise surprise) hospitality and emergency Childcare. I started up the first ever markets in Dunsborough in 1985, which was a great springboard for collecting vintage clothing. There was always a beautiful little vintage store, as exciting and accessible as others I had seen in Melbourne, Sydney etc, just waiting to happen here in my home town. Thanks to Neen and her 'can-do' attitude, we manifested our very own. 


I had been busy focussing on family life for some time & prior to that had worked in marketing for WA Tourism & the film industry in Sydney so both quite creative environments. I have always loved clothes & fashion & collected vintage for years. I had dreamed of having a shop all my life & after meeting Jen & joking about it, one day the opportunity came up & we didn’t even think about the details, we just decided to go for it. It’s been a crazy, fun ride so far but an incredible amount of hard work & time. A lot of love goes into the curation of our vintage collection & I am constantly inspired by random moments. Whether it’s someone on the street with a cool look, a documentary about music in the 70’s, an old album cover, a current trend or an amazing print on some fabric – I might have to run with that inspiration immediately and create a look on one of our manni’s, do a new shop window or even sew something up! Every item in our store is hand picked. You won’t find any bulk bought vintage at Gold Fever.


Is there a typical Gold Fever Vintage customer? 

No!! Folks who like to be different?? Our location in Dunsborough provides us with such a great mix of customers. I have had teen boys come in to buy necklaces for their girlfriend (too cute!!), tourists from the UK buy a child’s vintage Ferrari vest to modify into a coat for the dog to match the car, Author Tara Moss has bought both reproduction & true vintage from us and even band members who are down for the Festivals. And then of course lots of lovely regulars who come for the fabulous dresses & cool guys gear. 


Do you stock any south west labels? 

As the inspiration takes us or if someone wanders in & offers something unique & interesting that fits with a theme we might have at the time. For example a local gal makes gorgeous, bright flower hair clips or we might stock feather headwear if we know there is a Gatsby themed event coming up, locally made corsets at Medieval Festival time.


Hot tips for cold months ahead?


Vintage trench coats over just about anything that can be set off with a sassy statement belt.


I’m loving vintage coats with fur trims right now, so elegant & classy and suede vests. Oh and hats & boots!


Describe GFV in 3 words... 

Quirky, classic, fun!


Fave piece of clothing:

A Michael Jacksonesque 80's black Jumpsuit with a metallic gold lapel and gold military detail.



A pair of Italian 1960's heeled pumps. Made from pony hair.  Tiger-striped.  I kid you not.


Favourite mag:



Favourite south west bar or cafe:

Jen: Yallingup Coffee Roasting Company.  I'm slightly biased...I worked there for nearly a decade!


Last word/s: For people that are un-familiar with the 'vintage' concept, we have many people who come into gold fever for the first time, and after having a browse, will hold up a dress, and say 'I know this dress is over 50 years old, but it looks like What?' ... And that is the crux of our passion...sourcing beautiful unusual clothing, in as close to perfect condition as possible, and all one-offs.

INSTA… @goldfevervintage




Shop 1b, 48 Dunn Bay Road

Dunsborough, Western Australia

0439 550069 or 0408 907124

DJ Swami lookin super peaced out & stylin' in an authentic Hawaiian shirt, 80's shades & sun visor

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