At what age did you realise you wanted to design?

I remember wanting to become a fashion designer in year 7. We were surrounded by fabulous 90's pop culture and the Spice girls were a huge inspiration for me. I don't think I even knew what a fashion designer did- but I wanted to wear amazing clothes.


Have you studied design?

Yes I studied fashion design and technology at Saint George College in Sydney. 


 Describe a typical EV client.

The EV woman is confident and adventurous. She loves colour and flattering shapes and takes pride in being fashion forward. She has fun with her clothing and her passion & personality come alive by her choice of style.


Where can we buy an EV design?

For now, EV is limited to our online store: & Cleonie Boutique in Sydney, but don't be surprised if you see your favourite boutiques stocking the collection soon. 


How would you describe your designs in 3 words?

Bold, flattering, unique


What is your 5 year plan for EV?

The  next 5 years are going to be key in the development of the EV brand. We plan to be stocked in boutiques around Australia as well as looking to expand to NYC & London. Above all- we want to develop and maintain a strong client base with ethical values. EV will continue to donate 10% of all profits to charity. 

FEATURE  Designer

Elise Vivienne

Photo by Jo Bevis 

Necklace from Eshe, Bunbury

Photo by Jo Bevis  - bag from Eshe, Bunbury

If you could show your range at any fashion festival worldwide, which would it be?

Returning to London seems to hold a strange power for me. After living & breathing fashion there for 2 years, I'd love to return & showcase my label. I think my designs would fit their bold, forward-thinking stages. 


Which designers inspire you?

That's a hard one as I'm inspired by culture, nature and art as well as other designers. I particularly like the work of Ashish Gupta & Viktor & Rolf, although I don't think my designs resemble their work in any way.


Favourite magazine

Vogue Paris


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