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How did you enjoy the South West Fashion Festival? You were showing over double the pieces in your range this year!


I love the South West Fashion Festival as it gives me a goal to work towards each year and it has enabled me to become a lot more involved in the fashion industry in the South West as well as see how the industry works. It is a fantastic group of people who have given so much to see the industry grow in this beautiful part of the country and who have backed me in all I do. This has definitely been great for my confidence knowing that there are people who love what I do.I was particularly pleased with the gowns in my collection this year and was happy with the 'Beyonce' range, however, I have decided to make gowns the focus of my collection as they are what I really love to create.


Where or who does your design inspiration come from?


I am inspired by all things beautiful and in particularly beautiful fabrics. I can feel completely uninspired but then you find that fabric that is like finding gold and my mind is inundated with images of all the beautiful gowns I can create with it.


Are your pieces available in any boutiques and can we purchase online?


My garments are not available in any boutiques but I do offer a couture service. I want the gowns I create to be individual and the buyer can be certain that they will not arrive at an event and see anybody else wearing what they are. I work with the client to create a gown that will be perfect for them. I can be contacted via my facebook page for any enquiries.

Photo by Jo Bevis - South West Fashion Festival 2014

Photo by Jo Bevis - South West Fashion Festival 2014

What are your plans for Lulu & Vee?


I want Lulu & Vee to remain a small but exclusive made-to-order service that will be known for using fine fabrics and laces of exceptional quality.


My favourite...

fabric...is definitely silk but can I say also French Lace?

designer...is Elie Saab with Zuhair Murad a close second

fashion mag...is Collezione


and fave book...Little Women







PO Box 1140

Busselton, Western Australia 6280


Phone 0429 100 348

Tell us about yourself, have you always been a designer... or did you do something else in a former life!?


I have not always been a designer, but a mum to 6 children. I learnt to sew sitting at my Nana's knee and watching her create. When she finished a garment I would gather up all the threads and fine bits of fabric and take them out to a large tree in her backyard. I would then hide behind a rainwater tank and wait for the swallows to come and steal them for the nests. So.. sewing and creating and has always been associated with pleasurable and memorable experiences. As I got a little older I would help her to sew. The first garment I ever made and designed on my own, was actually created out of a pink satin sheet I took out of the linen cupboard when I was 16. It was a long sleeved top and a skirt, and I cut a fringe on the bottom of it and wore it to my grandpa's funeral! It was horrific and I still can't believe I actually did it. It is only in the last few years I have been designing professionally but I have been creating gowns for friends and family for as long as I can remember ever since the pink satin sheet!!

Photo by Jo Bevis - South West Fashion Festival 2014

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