COMBI COFFEE - Dunsborough

We shoot the breeze with that dude in the beige van  - Anthony "Ant" Sutton...


Great concept, when-where-how-why was Combi Coffee born?

Combi Coffee was born from an idea Fred Reidy had to brew coffee from a Combi at Margaret River mouth.  In early 2014 this dream became a reality an on November 1 I received the keys to the sisiter van and stepped into the Combi whanau.


For us, working with the sun, whipping up some brews all morning, then job done by lunch time...the perfect life!!



Where can we find you in Duns...bro?

We are at the Dunsborough Skate Park/Playing Fields from 6am - 11am most days, soaking up the sunshine.


What's else is on offer... besides an epic brew of course?

Besides our epic brews, we have a range of Seven Seas Teas and some sweet treats from Margie's Bakery. We also have some sneaky doggy treats and lots of toys to keep the kids occupied.


Tell us about your beans?

Our beans are mean.  Nick from Ravens Wholefoods in Denmark sources them from an organic family-operated farm in Columbia which he roasts us up a Combi Coffee blend, resulting in our epic brews.


What's your BIGgest selling cuppa?

The standard moo and two (milk with 2 shots) sells the most.  There's a steady demand for my "mellow" brew being a dairy-free alternative, this is my cuppa of choice.


Fill us in on the combi-unity expression board?

The Combi-Unity board is to share what's happening with myself or the people that surround Combi Coffee.  Plus the kids big or small love to use the chalk.


Can we BYO mug?

Most definitely.  Either buy a Combi cup or bring a mug from home.  We may even give you a cheaper brew for helping Mother Earth and reducing waste! :)


Any plans of world domination?

No need to dominate, just want to create unity.

Although...we will have an extra van at Augusta River Mouth on December 1.



Beach...Bruce Bay on the west coast of NZ...Locally they're all amazing too.  We are pretty spoilt for stunning beaches aye.  Wilyabrup rates highly.

Brew...Mellow brew in the morning...refreshing cold can in the evening.


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