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CODY TRIMBOLI from Wish Hair Studio, Bunbury

If someone is wanting to make a drastic style change, what do they need to consider? First thing you should consider is what is it you actually like about that hairstyle. Is it the shape, the texture, the length? A good way of looking at a picture of someone's hair is to hold your fingers over the person's face in the picture so you don't stray away from what you're actually supposed to be looking at, which the hair not the person's face. There's a difference between wanting someone's look and wanting to look like someone. Also consider your lifestyle - if you lead a busy lifestyle, a style that requires more styling than what your wanting to put into it, is probably not the best option.  


What is the one hair product everyone should own?  A leave-in treatment is an essential to any women's vanity. Colour Fanatic by Pureology is the first of its kind. It's a multi-tasking hair beautifier that provides 21 essential benefits to prime, protect, and perfect colour treated hair daily after a shampoo and condition. Styling-wise my favourite product is #6 Rootful from Redken styling. It targets the roots for volume on demand and adds long lasting fullness. Apply to damp hair at the roots and air dry or blowdry for long lasting volume without the stickiness of a mousse.


How often should we: Get a trim? Wash our brush? Have a treatment? The story of having a trim every 6 weeks to promote new growth in my eyes is all just a myth. I suggest to people with shorter hair styles that require a lot of attention to have it maintained every 6-8 weeks, but for people with longer locks, I always suggest whenever you feel like it needs to be done. Some people get the benefits of a good haircut sometimes 4 weeks later, so I always say to people to have it done when you're ready. Washing out your brush weekly is a must, if you are using it regularly. Build up of hair, products and any other nasties that can build up on your brush can affect the the smoothing ability and tension used when styling your hair. Treatment: I suggest once a month, all though if you are using a leave in treatment after you shampoo and condition your hair it might not have to be as often. Chemically damaged or distressed hair can always benefit from more than once a month treating. Talk to your hairstylist about what they would suggest to keep your locks in the best condition.


What are the current style and colour trends? In the past 12 months we have seen a big return of the solid haircut. Cuts with a solid shape or no layers are huge at the moment with people wanting to see health in their hair. Neutral colours and tones are also popular at the moment with people finding it easy to maintain because of it being low maintenance . It's very hard to predict trends these days as a lot of what we are seeing are revivals of trends from the past, so to say that there is a particular style trending at the moment would be wrong. It's all about what suits you and your personal style, which I think makes things a lot more exciting as we are not having to create the same thing over and over.


Do blondes really have more fun?  Haha! I would say blondes don't have as much money as brunettes, as they're having to maintain they're colour more often than brunettes!  But I think fun is what you make of it. Hair colour has nothing to do with it, All though Marilyn seemed to have a good time!

Cody on location for our Notebook editorial with model Vienna Anderson (Chadwick Models) IMAGES by Jo Bevis



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