The South West ciders you need to try at this year's South West Craft Beer Festival. 

Custard & Co.

by Wendy Prinsloo, Owner/Manager

We have three main cider’s on sale.  They are our Original 4.5%, which leads as our best seller. This is closely followed by Vintage medium dry 5.5 %.  Our Scrumpy 6% sits at number three, but has the most vocal of our followers. These are sold at Dan Murphys, Liquor Barons, Cellarbrations and many more liquor stores. Please check our Facebook for a list  or message us and we can direct you to your closest one.  


Our apples are sourced locally from Donnybrook and around the south west. We are lucky to have the support of our local farmers – they are all wonderful folk.

We are a small team and do all the packaging by hand. Our Cider Maker is Andy and then there is me, Wendy.  We often employ one more helper when it gets busy.


At festivals we often bring our famous mango and ginger flavours to add to the cider.  These are always madly sought after.  We've just bought a slushy machine which we used for the first time at the Donnybrook Food and Wine Festival and that was a huge success.  We hope to bring the slushy machine along for many more festivals!  We are hoping to have our plum cider ready for the South West Craft Beer Festival as a special treat.

Perth Royal Cider Awards - 2018

New World Sweet Cider - Silver

Traditional Medium Cider – Bronze

Traditional Sweet Cider – Bronze       

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Runamuck Cider Co.

by Head Brewer, Paul Hinton 

How did Runamuk Cider get off the ground?
Runamuk came about as a result of me being diagnosed with Celiac disease, which was unfortunate as I did like a beer at the time. Not wanting to give up drinking I embarked on a quest to find a celiac-friendly beverage and came up with cider. Unfortunately the ciders I first came across were the commercial, prefab mainstream ciders that I was not a fan of, full of additives and preservatives.

I started to research different cider regions and found a whole new world of cider away from the commercially generated options and thought I would try my hand at making some. So what started as a hobby quickly became an obsession, my family and friends became more and more supportive with tastings and critique and more tastings which suggested that I may have a product that could challenge the established norms.

The idea around Runamuk is to show the cider drinking public that there is an alternative to what is being passed off as cider in the bars and restaurants much the same as the craft beer scene is taking off cider is right there with them.

Tell me about your product
Runamuk is produced in Stratham, which is about 10 kilometres south of Bunbury.  We use Donnybrook apples from 4th generation growers at Orchard 160 which are crushed, pressed, fermented, bottled and kegged onsite in Stratham.  The process is all very traditional and possible a little too manual at times, but all good fun.

We make a Dry (Scoundrel), Medium Dry (Grifter) and a Sweet (Pedlar) cider. Our ciders are free of preservatives, gluten free and vegan-friendly. Runamuk ciders are clear and crisp with a fresh apple taste.

Have you won any awards?
All of Runamuk’s ciders are award winning. 
Sweet (Pedlar) silver at the Perth Royal Show. 
Dry (Scoundrel) bronze at the Perth Royal Show and silver at the Australian Cider Awards. 
Medium dry (grifter) Bronze at the Perth Royal Show. 

Do you have (or are you planning) a cellar door?
Not currently.  We are certainly looking to open a cellar door both in the SW and Perth, but the venue will need to suit the brand.

Highlighted brews 
Runamuk is currently working on some seasonal releases and will be showcasing one at the up and coming, South West Craft Beer Festival...see you there! 
Runamuk is all about creating a revolution in the industry away from the traditional notion of what cider has been portrayed as and showing the public that there is an alternative, not just with Runamuk but with the growing number of craft cideries around Perth and the South West. We are not just an ad-hoc addition to the commercial  breweries and wineries lists, but a force to be reckoned with.

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Black Kite Beverage Co.

Black Kite Beverage Co.

by Co-owner, Kate Ryan

We won’t have anything new this year, but we will be bringing our very popular ginger beer - Zenzero Original. Also, fans of our Citro Bitter which was recently deleted from the range, may not know that we've also released our DOUTH Lemon, Lime & Bitters in 2017, which is essentially the same drink but with new branding.


Black Kite Beverage Co. is a boutique, family-owned and operated business based out of Margaret River. Father and daughter duo Bernard and Kate Ryan make their alcoholic drinks with the best fruit juices, roots and herbs they can find. Together with great recipes and quality produce they make some pretty tasty beverages!

We look forward to seeing you at this year's Festival.

The Cidery & Blackwood Valley Brewing Co.

by John Lucey, Director

The Cidery, nestled in picturesque Bridgetown, is West Australia’s Premier Boutique Cider Producer established in 1988. Visit our bar to experience the unique taste of real cider made purely from freshly crushed local Pink Lady apples . We pride ourselves in handcrafting real ciders  free from added water, sugar, concentrates and flavour enhancers.


At the SW Craft Beer Festival you can enjoy the experience of our:


Sweet Rosie: an attractive, fresh and naturally sweet sparkling cider showcasing the light fruit sweetness of Pink Lady apples

Spider Cider: a satisfying, dry and lightly spritzy cider, with clean crisp apple characteristics.

Bitter Sweet: one for the adventurous – aged, sharp cider balanced with a modern sweet twist!

The Cidery and Blackwood Valley Brewing Co.
43 Gifford Road
Bridgetown WA 6255
T: 08 9761 2204
M: 0477 874 593



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