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I live in Dunsborough.


I post a lot of drawings and paintings on my Instagram which you can find if you search "catieshep". I also have a Facebook page called Catie Shepherd art.

I've always loved art. My grandmother is an artist and as long as I can remember I would spend my days in her studio experimenting which colours. So I suppose a lot of my inspiration comes from her and my aunty who would give me art supplies for every birthday and Christmas.

It's hard to describe my style, I didn't really know I had one. I just paint or draw whatever comes to me. I quite often don't really even like the end result, but I enjoyed creating it and it released some emotion that was cooped up in my head.


I'd love to be able to paint something that people recognise, I think my paintings always look sort of cartoon-like in a way. I'm not too good at real life. I'd love to paint Nelson Mandela and have people recognise every wrinkle and dimple in his face.

Some of my favourite artists are Jen Thomas, Anya Brock and my Aunty,  Jane Liddlow.


I love the ocean more than anything. I'm better at painting it than surfing it so I stick to that.


Right now I'm doing some sketches. When I paint I have to be set up with all my paints scattered around me, music, cups of tea and I tend to really make a huge mess. So to keep my house mates happy at the moment I'm sticking to sketches. My favourite colour is red!


My art is available on the Cenote Swimwear website and via my Facebook page.

And you can contact me via email


Fave book: "Dear Fatty" by Dawn French

Film: Life of Pi

Beaches:  Yallingup, Injidup, Point Picquet in our beautiful Wild West and Lagos in Portugal.

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