When was Boondie born?

During a busy 2014 whilst I was on maternity leave and after my mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My daughter had severe nappy rash as a newborn, and then my mum had to undergo Radiation therapy. Skin became a focus for me and I started paying a lot more attention to reading and deciphering labels and what we were putting on it every. single. day. 


Tell us about your soap ingredients... 

All of our soaps are coconut and hemp seed oil based which is why we were christened with the slogan "Boondie Soap = Rock Hard" by our regular customers. The qualities of these oils provide a hard bar of soap that doesn't tend to melt in the shower as quickly as some might. 


When I first began making soap I was adamant that when I said 'natural' it really did mean just that. Not 99% but 100% natural. You will not find synthetic fragrances or perfumes in our soaps nor artificial colours and dyes. Clay is all we use to colour our soaps, and although more expensive and temperamental to work with, pure essential oils are all we use to scent them. As I am unwilling to compromise on our ethos, typically popular smells like "vanilla" and "coconut" cannot be recreated as no such pure essential oil exists (that I can find) however the joy for us comes from creating a soap that is both aromatically pleasing AND provides some medicinal benefit. Think 'Cinnamon and Coconut Milk' or 'Teatree and French Clay' for example... 

Where do you make the products? 

Currently they are made in the 'Soap Shed' here at Boondie HQ (my property in Leschenault) but our goal is to expand and move operations to a bigger facility in WA by the end of the year. 


What are the benefits of using soaps with natural ingredients? 

Where do I start?! The skin is our largest organ and absorbs almost everything we put on it. I don't want my family absorbing chemicals that are, in my opinion, totally unnecessary for the performance of a quality soap. 

Soap is something most people use on a daily basis out of necessity. Over time I think the product we choose will have some form of impact on our health, which is why Boondie soap has really been stripped back to the basics in trying to take a "less is more" type approach. It's also an added bonus that the production of natural soap is also a lot kinder to the environment.


The biggest difference between Boondie and other commercial bar soaps, is that we leave the glycerin in our end product. Glycerin is a natural by product of the soap making process and is a 'humectant' which just means that it promotes water retention which attributes to moisturising the skin. Kind of an important quality in soap if you ask me.... You will know next time you use a product that has had the glycerin removed. Your skin will feel tight.


What else do you produce/sell?

We have launched a boutique range of hemp seed oil based cosmetics "Nourish with Nature" including a cleanser, exfoliating polish, clay mask, hyaluronic serum, facial moisturiser, body lotion and hand cream that are all enriched with pure essential oils of chamomile, ylang ylang and mandarin.


What is your biggest seller? 

Of the soaps, our goat milk with honey and oatmeal has always been very popular, due in part to its mild nature being perfect for precious newborns, and its effectiveness in treating skin conditions such as eczema. 


Of our hemp cosmetic range, the Hyaluronic Serum is in highest demand. (It's my secret weapon in fighting and preventing the signs of ageing)


Where can we buy your products?

Orders can be emailed to sales@boondiesoapbar.com, phoned through to 0407590966, or messages are also answered on both Facebook and Instagram. We also attend various markets and festivals locally, the next one being the Old Coast Markets in Eaton followed by the Bull and Barrell festival. 

(In my Mums honour we have a little campaign going until the end of the year whereby we make regular contributions to the National Breast Cancer Foundation from part proceeds of our sales)


We are locally stocked in various health food stores, gift and homewares stores and beauty salons including;

Merchant and Maker Dunsborough

White stones Gifts and Homewares Collie

Simply Healthy Bunbury

Blossoms Health Food Store Treendale

Elle Hart Beauty Bunbury

Bunbury Natural Health Clinic Bunbury

Bergamotto Fremantle Markets

The Tasty Pear Bassendean

Naturally Esperance 

Salon De Coiffure Donnybrook

T'akye Hair Design Broome

Tickle the imagination online store 

Peppy Threadz in Busselton

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